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Entrebosc Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Single-variety oil made from Corbella olives, the native Bages variety.


Mas Pubill, in Castellfollit del Boix




High-quality olive oil obtained directly from olives using mechanical processes alone.

Delivery 2-3 days

Delivery period anywhere in Spain: 2-3 working days.

Shipping cost

5 €

20.00 €
VAT included
Olivera del bages There are more than 50 varieties of olive trees in Catalonia, although Arbequina, Empeltre, Morrut and Sevillenca predominate. These four represent more than 85% of Catalan production. The native El Bages variety Corbella is now in danger of extinction, as in 1956 a historic frost killed most of the olive trees in the area. This has led us to commit ourselves to recovering Corbella olives. We now have 3.5 hectares of olive trees of this variety, which is highly appreciated locally.
La corbella The native olive variety from El Bages is Corbella, also known as Corbell, Curbiella and Montserratina. It grows in the northern central region of Catalonia: the counties of El Bages, El Solsonès, La Segarra and L’Urgell. It is a vigorous, highly productive and regular variety, considered to be a hardy variety tolerating cold and dry climates. It also stands up well to the high temperatures of central Catalonia. Its ripening period is quite uniform in the early to mid-season.
A highly aromatic virgin oil with different connotations of ripe fruit, apples and herbs. In the mouth it is very sweet and mild and not all that bitter; slightly spicy but not astringent. Perfil sensorial en